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The MLS creed is simple: to always advance our capabilities in the deployment of strategic support assets while achieving the highest possible standards of service and value.

Back in 1997, an elite group of ships agents and chandlers joined forces to form a company to better serve the needs of military and commercial ships throughout a vast geographical region that included the Mediterranean, Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands, Sea of Marmara, Gulf of Aqaba, and Portugal.

Today, MLS operates a truly global service and provides a comprehensive range of logistic services to satisfy the needs of the world's most exacting and demanding customers.

The key to our success resides in a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. MLS invests extensive time and resources in training, market research, and quality assurance. We know that high standards can only be preserved through the use of smart technologies and even smarter people.

Customers can count on MLS for their experienced personnel, native to their geographical area of operation, and able to speak multiple languages and dialects to communicate with local authorities and suppliers.

As part of the commitment to excellence, and to effectively service its ever-growing customer base, MLS has introduced the "one-touch" concept. Providing a single point of contact for all services, regardless of time and/or customer's location, 'one-touch' means that a single call is all it takes to get everything moving.


MLS Profile

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