International Event Management

Making the impossible look easy

Since organising the 50th NATO Nuclear Planning Group Meeting in Sicily back in 1991, MLS has been providing highly specialised skills and services required to fulfil the logistical challenges of international event management.

Today, MLS provides support to large scale special events including diplomatic meetings, conventions, expos, multinational investor meetings, media launches of products and services, and international press conventions.

Highly sensitive diplomatic events are organised with an attention to detail that ensures every aspect of the event, from catering through to top level security, are planned, scheduled and managed with an expertise that comes from years of experience within this arena.

Event Management Services include:
VIP charter planes, transportation, hotel accommodation, catering, tours and entertainment, translation, sourcing of local knowledge and expertise. Staging, including the sourcing of all required production equipment and local support staff, is an important part of our service portfolio as is facilitating access for international press organisations, particularly in difficult-to-access locations.

It's all in a day's work.