Humanitarian Operations

Logistics at its most critical

In addition to utilising all the skills and experience the MLS team has acquired in the running of its day to day services, humanitarian and evacuation projects demand the highest level of sensitivity and an acute sense of urgency.

It is this combination of skills, knowledge and common sense that ensures MLS is an effective partner to the military in mission critical situations.

In Lebanon, Libya, and Kosovo, MLS was tasked with supporting the military in the planning and execution of the evacuation of citizens from the area of conflict.

In Haiti, the Italian, Spanish, and UK Navies asked MLS to help in the sourcing of vital medical and food supplies in an area where there was a complete breakdown of government and no infrastructure within which to work.

Standard humanitarian supplies and services are sourced as a matter of course including transportation and sustainment packages, but some situations require more unusual supplies such as valves for medical equipment, sterilisation units, or nappies/diapers and baby food for the young children caught up in the emergency situation.

Evacuations present a critical need for the unexpected to be expected. It takes experience and skill to fulfil all the requirements of a sensitive and urgent set of circumstances. MLS has proved itself time after time and was rewarded for their efforts and achievements after the Lebanon conflict with the Stanley R Arthur Award for Logistics Excellence, the highest award available in military logistics.

When it comes to mission critical logistics, it's all in a day's work for MLS.