Land Operations

Working the land

In addition to providing day to day services to create and maintain supply chains for land based exercises, MLS provides vital support to military and humanitarian organisations during regional conflicts and natural disasters including crucial rescue operations.

The tasks presented to our land operations team are often as diverse as they are challenging in terms of scale and urgency.

In Romania, Allied Forces required a base camp for 1,600 Romanian and American military forces personnel. MLS were asked to build and manage a project to establish a complete and real 'life support' area for soldiers. Essentially, MLS organised the build of a camp with all the facilities expected of a well-serviced town but without the aid of any urban, or even suburban, infrastructure.

When necessary, MLS agents are among the first on the scene, assisting with the movement and staging of military personnel and material, providing all transportation and material handling equipment needed to meet operational requirements.

Power outages, downed communciation systems, and inoperable roads are not insurmountable obstacles in MLS' quest to overcome the most arduous challenges. Whether an emergency or a strategic requirement, MLS has established itself as a partner that goes beyond the call of duty in order to get the job done properly.