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Delivering excellence in mission critical logistics

With a history steeped in the supply of logistical services to military and commerical ships, today, MLS is a global operation with a reputation for excellence throughout its service portfolio.

Regardless of the demands and challenges of the environment, at sea, on land or in the air, MLS has proved itself to be an invaluable support system to humanitarian, military and commercial organisations across the globe.

Providing 'round the clock' one-touch support to meet virtually any requirement or solve any logistical problem, MLS has the personel, the experience, the skill, the knowledge and the global infrastructure to guarantee their team are always ready and always prepared for your challenge.

With marine operations, including port agency and ship husbanding, land operations and aviation logistics all supplied to the military, humantarian and commercial sectors, MLS is the partner of choice for the most demanding customers across the globe.


Project Gallery

Providing marine logistics for Trafalgar 200, the largest fleet review ever held.

Photograph: Trafalgar 200

At the largest ever fleet review in 2005, MLS provided integrated logistical services to over 160 ships at anchor for seven days...

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