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Video: Introducing MLS

Summarising the extent of the MLS service portfolio and the MLS approach to customer fulfilment is not easy but there are certain missions that serve to highlight the flexibility and determination required to fulfil a brief and capture the nature of the MLS business.

"Haiti was the definition of mission critical logisitcs," commented Mike Darby, MLS Regional Driector, after the MLS mission to support the military during the Haiti crisis. "We couldn't fail."

The MLS video gives you an insight into a very real mission critical emergency while showing the diverse range of services provided during the course of the day to day business.


Your worldwide logistics partner

The complexity of creating a fast and efficient supply chain in difficult circumstances requires experience, knowledge and initiative to ensure a successful outcome.

MLS has proved itself to be a valuable support system for humanitarian, military and commercial organisations for over 30 years and today fulfills some of the most demanding contracts across the world.